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“A jack of all trades is a master of none.”


A conceptual look at expertise, proficiency, know-how,ability.

A conceptual look at expertise, proficiency, know-how,ability.

Many law firms dabble in several different areas of law, but Wills Law Office is a boutique criminal defense law practice. Attorney Amanda Page Wills has devoted her entire career to the criminal justice system. Whether prosecuting or defending, one thing has remained the same, she puts her entire heart and soul into her work.

Amanda strives to create a comfortable environment where her clients can feel safe and at ease.  Many clients remark that they are "treated like family."  The process of a criminal case is a difficult and stressful one, and our principles of premium criminal defense are specifically designed to alleviate some of that pressure.

Amanda defends criminal cases ranging from minor traffic offenses to capital offense felonies. Feel free to explore information further information on traffic offenses, misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses, as well as specific information on frequently defended crimes in the drop down menu above.

**Disclaimer: This website was designed to provide information about Wills Law Office, PLLC, and Amanda Page Wills, Attorney at Law. Nothing contained herein constitutes legal advice, nor should it be considered an offer of legal advice. Wills Law Office, PLLC and/or Amanda Page Wills cannot make any guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of any information contained herein. You should always personally consult an attorney for advice regarding your specific case.