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The most serious of all crimes, these charges demand that you secure premium legal defense.  YOU NEED COMPETENT REPRESENTATION NOW.



Defending against these charges requires a significant investment of time, knowledge, and legal savvy.  Amanda has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to justice demanded when such grave consequences are on the line. 

Possible Consequences:

Certain forms of murder carry the death penalty, but other forms of murder carry a penalty of up to life imprisonment. Depending on the mitigating facts of the case, any number of lesser included offenses, including manslaughter, may apply.

Defense Strategies:

Many factors and circumstances can lead to a reduction of Murder to a lesser included offense.  Factors indicating self defense and/or the mental state of the accused are essential to crafting a successful defense to Murder.  The law surrounding both self-defense and emotional distress is vast and requires that you retain an attorney with significant experience and knowledge of the issues.  Amanda Wills has more than ten (10) years experience defending and prosecuting major felonies including Murder and Manslaughter.  If you have been arrested, charged, or are being investigated for manslaughter or murder, do not wait – call for a free consultation today.