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Traffic Offenses


In Kentucky, fine amounts for speeding tickets and other traffic violations are set depending on the offense committed, but the fines for each offense are the same throughout the state.  Kentucky court costs for most traffic offenses are $143, which are added to the fine for a total owed to the court.

Kentucky Point System:

Kentucky drivers are permitted to accumulate up to 12 points in any 2 year period.  However, should you reach twelve (12), the Department of Transportation will summons you for a hearing on whether to suspend your license for up to 6 months.  You can find more information about point values here.

Consequences of Points:

As noted above, the accumulation of 12 points within a 2 year period can lead to suspension of your license for up to 6 month.  Another consequence of having points lodged against your license is an increase in car insurance rates.  Generally, once your insurance rates are increased in response to points from a ticket, they stay there for a couple years.  This can potentially lead to thousands of dollars in increased rates.

Options for your speeding ticket:

I.     Mail in Fines and Costs

Most minor traffic offenses are pre-payable offenses, meaning you may simply mail in the fines and costs listed on your citation.  However, be aware that in doing so you are pleading "guilty" to the offenses as charged and will suffer any consequences to your license (including points and increased insurance rates).

II.    Traffic School

In Kentucky, you sometimes have the option of enrolling in a traffic school course.  Please note that you are STILL PLEADING GUILTY TO THE UNDERLYING OFFENSE, however the successful completion of traffic school will prevent any points from being assessed against your license.  In addition, any fines will be waived (as opposed to court costs) to offset the costs for taking driving school.  The cost of traffic school can range from $20-$50, depending on what kind you take.

Traffic school will not necessarily be an option in every situation.  Furthermore, traffic school should be a last option since once used, it will not be available again for a certain period of time.  If there is a way to prevent points from being assessed without using up your traffic school option, it is usually prudent to save it for a rainy day.

III.   HIRE AN ATTORNEY to Fight the Ticket and/or Negotiate a Settlement

Many times, an attorney can negotiate a settlement which will prevent points from being assessed against your license without using up your one (1) chance at traffic school.  When compared with the increase to your insurance rates, the legal fee assessed for a speeding ticket is a very sensible option with often-times fantastic results.  Call us today for a free phone consultation.